Lisa Popeil’s VoiceWorks® Webinar Workshop

Domenica 12, 19, 26 Aprile e 3 Maggio 2020 dalle 18:00 alle 20:00

Sunday, April 12

History of Lisa Popeil, MFA in Voice & Voiceworks® Method

Basic Skills of Singing: Posture; Support; Breathing; Range; Vocal Registers; Vibrato; Five Vocal Fold Closures; Resonance: Ring, Nasality, Brightness; Pharynx Widths; Larynx Heights; Safe & Beautiful Belting

Details of Posture, Support, Breathing

Determining Absolute Vocal Range

Sunday, April 19

Vocal Registers- the “either/or” model

Chest vs Head – the “talky” sound vs the “heady/hooty” sound

“Front Muscle” vs “Back Muscle” sensations – feeling vocal contraction

The term “mix” – 4 different meanings? (high M1, low M2, 3rd register, even register transition)

The hyoid bone action in high Chest Voice Theory of “laryngeal lean” in pitch raising (rotation vs. translation action of thyroid cartilage)

Sunday, April 26

Mechanism of vibrato

Discover vibrato types

Fixing common vibrato problems (too fast, too slow, no vibrato, jittery vibrato)

Learn 5 vocal fold closures (pressed, hard, clean, blowy and breathy) for precise adduction control

Resonance: learn the mechanism, control and stylistic use of ring, nasality and brightness

Pharynx Widths

Larynx Heights

Sunday, May 3

Traditional and modern definitions of “belting” Belting Techniques: “belterʼs bite”, head position, breath-holding

Belting Exercises: Sirens, Calls, Pressure Sounds, “Lean” Exercises

Five belting substyles: Brassy Belt, Ringy Belt, Nasal Belt, Heavy Belt and Speech- like Belt

Master Class – Lisa working individually with participants

Lisa Popeil, MFA in Voice, brings her 50 years of voice study in classical and commercial genres to teachers interested in expanding their skills, techniques and methodology in training singers. Her Voiceworks® Method is based on 40 years of professional teaching and incorporates science and experience to provide clear and concise tasks for singers wishing to master their vocal technique while achieving style authenticity. Considered one Ms. Popeil has worked with some of the worldʼs finest voice researchers and has contributed to many text books including the “Oxford Handbook of Singing” and the “Oxford Handbook of Music Education”. Her products include the Total Singer DVD, the books “Sing Anything-Mastering Vocal Styles” and “Sing at the Top of Your Game”, as well as the Daily Vocal Workout for Pop Singers CD. Her Total Singer Workshop is in its 18th year, a three-day program which shares the Voiceworks® Method and the Pedagogy of Vocal Styles (Pop, Rock, Jazz, R&B, Musical Theater Legit & Belting, Soul, and Classical). Lisa’s private studio is in Los Angeles, and she is honored to have the opportunity to share her lifeʼs work with teaching colleagues around the world.

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